Share life, give blood

Start international campaign World Blood Donor Day with music by Remy van Kesteren

‘Imagine that the people who you have saved, know who you are?’ Worldwide there are millions people who enjoy their lives thanks to their blood donors. That gratitude gets a face by confronting blood donors with it on World Blood Donor Day. Normally patients don’t get to know their donor, but imagine bumping into your saviour on the street – what would happen? At a time like this we get very close in a relationship which is anonymous, but very intimate at the same time. These moments between two people are bound to be magical. The one who needed the blood and the one who gave it so freely. By capturing these moments on film, we literally show the value of the lifesaving gift granted by the blood donors. They see the results of their selflessness.

Share life, give blood

Sanquin and the World Health Organization (WHO) have worked together on the international campaign for World Blood Donor Day 2016. During World Blood Donor Day donors are thanked for their help and international attention is given to the importance of voluntary and unpaid blood donorship. Also, the need for the safe donation of blood and blood products will be stressed. The successful Dutch harpist Remy van Kesteren is responsible for the music that accompanies the international World Blood Donor Day campaign. The music comes from his most recent album ‘Tomorrow Eyes’. Remy will, in the presence of His Majesty King Willem-Alexander, perform during the official opening of World Blood Donor Day on the 14th of June 2016 in Amsterdam.

Remy van Kesteren

Remy van Kesteren (1989) is an extremely talented musician and one of the most adventurous harpists performing today. He attended the ‘Utrechts Conservatorium’ from the age of ten, where he graduated with the highest distinctions. Now at the age of 27 he has already won many prizes, including the ‘Nederlandse Muziekprijs’ which he received from the Dutch Minister of Culture, Jet Bussemaker. He has since brought out three albums consisting of classical music, but also with own compositions.

"It is very important that new blood donors recruited. I think it is a fantastic and beautiful campaign and I am proud that my music plays a part in it." Remy van Kesteren
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